New York State Of Mind by Billy Joel
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to bother or not to bother with the a cappella rush

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on the way to mont-blanc (by kygp)


北鎌倉.東慶寺 | Tokeiji・Kita-Kamakura by Iyhon Chiu on Flickr.


北鎌倉.東慶寺 | Tokeiji・Kita-Kamakura by Iyhon Chiu on Flickr.


I look so good right now but no ones kissing me……tragic and unnecessary

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hard to explain//the strokes


college tuition

college tuikion

collere tuikion

collere tuckion

conlert tickion

conlert tickeon

conlert tickeos

concert tickets

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left-handed: wolf in the woods. ballpoint pen, photoshop.


Her eyebrows are iconic


Life’s short. Just buy it.

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Anonymous: tbh im kinda obsessed/in love with your personality-youre so incredibly witty in both intelligent and comical ways and you seem like the sweetest person ever! have a great day

jeez wow this is honestly one of the kindest things anyone has ever said to me, i’ve been smiling all day knowing this was in my inbox!!! thank you thank you thank you, it means so incredibly much to me that some human out there can see these kinda qualities in who i am, even if i don’t quite understand how

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Anonymous: So what residential college are you in?

I think I’d rather not say, just to maintain some semblance of anonymity here if that’s ok! But I do live on Old Campus this year, for one thing

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turned up 25 minutes early for my first class omg I’m such a freshman

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